Dr. Salvador Sarró

I received my medical degree from the University of Barcelona and my specialization in psychiatry in 1995. I have been working as a clinician in different hospital units linked to Benito Menni CASM.


During 2000-2004 I leaded the design and management of a new department of psychiatry at Granollers General Hospital. Since 2005 my main focus has been on enabling and enhancing research activity and co-ordinating this with clinical care, and I have combined this with responsibility of the management and administration of FIDMAG Sisters Hospitallers Foundation.


I am working on the research group leaded by Peter J. McKenna and Edith Pomarol-Clotet linked to the main research lines on schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and affective disorders. I am working on my doctoral thesis on movements disorder (Tardive Dyskinesia) in schizophrenia, both in their neuropsychological and neuroanatomical aspect, analyzing the underlying structural and functional alterations in neuroimaging techniques.


Research complemented the care and treatment of people with mental disorders.